So long, Earl

Today’s paper brings the sad news that Earl Weaver, long time manager of the Baltimore Orioles, has passed away. Earl was just 82.

earl weaver 2008The Baltimore Orioles went to the World Series four times during Weaver’s tenure, and won the Series in 1970, in five games, over Cincinnati’s Big Red Machine. In 1969 and 1970 the Orioles beat up on the Twins in the playoffs. Perhaps I should be grateful that the Twins lost to the Orioles and thus were spared contests with the Mets and the Reds, but it may be that the Twins… could have… maybe… well, no, probably not. In any case, I haven’t really liked the Orioles since 1969. Not that I hold grudges.

Earl’s Orioles relied on pitching and power hitting, rather than some of the finer points of baseball strategy. He’s also been given some credit for the use of statistics in creating favorable pitcher/batter matchups, back in a time where that wasn’t so common.

He’s also legendary for his many arguments with umpires, and was ejected from games by umpires over 90 times in his career — including twice, it says in Wikipedia, before the games even started.
Kudos to Earl for that.

So long, Earl. Good game.


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