So long, Stan

Stan Musial - sabrStan the Man.

Stan Musial passed away yesterday, at 92. A sad day for all you Cardinals fans, and all fans of baseball.

Stan had a stellar 22 year career in St. Louis, and was in 24 all-star games (they played two All-Star games in 1959, 60, 61, and 62) and retired in 1963. Seven National League Batting Titles, a .331 lifetime batting average, with 475 home runs.

Playing in St. Louis, Stan perhaps did not get the same press coverage or attention as did his contemporaries, Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams. He was also just a nice guy who played ball and didn’t make waves or grab headlines.

A rather inauspicious start to this blog, the deaths of Weaver and Musial. This is one of the ways that baseball is maybe a bit different from other sports, I think. The long history of the game, back into the 19th century, and the legends handed down over the generations. It has the sense of religion or mythology. When giants strode the earth. Those were the days. When Williams, DiMaggio, and Musial walked among us.

So long, Stan. Good game.