Antiques Road Game

We turned on Antiques Roadshow tonight, they were in Boston, and a woman brought in a nice old baseball signed by the 1915 World Champion Boston Red Sox. It was really a nice looking baseball, with red and blue stitches, which the appraiser, Mike Gutierrez, said was standard up till about 1934.1915 red sox ball

And Mr. Gutierrez also said it should be insured to about $35,000. I imagine that’s largely because of the very nice Babe Ruth Signature on it.

Babe had a pretty good year for the Red Sox in 1915. He was 20 years old and it was his second year in the league, (he’d played in five games in 1914,) and while he only hit 4 home runs, he was 18-8 as a pitcher, with a 2.44 ERA.

1915 red sox

The World Champion 1915 Red Sox

In 1916, Ruth was even better, went 23-12, with a league leading 1.75 ERA, but then, a few years later the Yankees got him, and I guess they thought they could make an outfielder out of him. And Babe’s promising career as a pitcher was cut short.

If you want to see the video of the appraisal you can find it here. (Thanks PBS!)


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