birthday greetings

Happy Birthday to Jackie Robinson! Born January 31st, 1919.

I was reminded of his birthday by today’s nice Google Doodle.


Perhaps Google has heard about my year of baseball?

In other news, it remains bitterly cold here, January in Minnesota, what can you expect, but I am all baseball, so I think the cold seems even colder for me than for everyone else. But I tell myself that it is early early spring, and, in fact, the start of spring training is just around the corner.

In the bits of baseball research I have done, in the course of generating ideas for AYOBB, I find that there are about a billion blogs out there devoted to every arcane detail of the game. It’s like the game is sold out. It’s standing room only on the internet for yet another blog about baseball.

This takes some of the pressure off, I guess.

Maybe I should make this a blog about baseball blogs? Plenty of grist for that mill.


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