library find…

I stopped by the St. Paul Public Library yesterday, and stumbled across a MLB video: Baseball’s Greatest Games – 1960 World Series Game 7.

I’m not sure why the St. Paul Library would have this, but perhaps they have the wholebballs greatest1960-7 collection (!!!) and this was the only one available?

I’ve never seen any of these before, so it will be interesting to see what it’s like. It’s on two DVDs, so, I’m thinking, it’s the whole game? That would be great!

I happened last week to come across the whole series of MLB highlight videos in the Hamilton Book Catalog, for just $80. A bargain, that I am trying to resist, for what do I need the whole series for? And, to quibble, it only starts with 1943. (Like I said, quibbling.)

So far, I resist, but after I see 1960 game 7… well, we’ll just see.

I’ve always wanted to see 1960, game seven. A see-saw battle at Forbes Field, back and forth, lots of runs, and Bill Mazeroski’s dramatic 9th inning home run.

Mazeroski always thought it a little ironic that he was so widely remembered for this home run. While he was a decent hitter, he was really a much better fielder than a hitter, one of the top fielding second basemen ever.


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