The Nine Billion Websites of Baseball: Twins Daily

nine billion g webYes, I had to change to name of this theme. A lot of the  baseball sites that I’ve been coming across are not, in fact, blogs. (Going by perhaps a narrow definition of what a blog is.) There are a billion websites out there about all aspects of baseball — aspects that I never thought existed — and I’ll feature them on my blog from time to time.

One of my major discoveries was about a year ago, a website called Twins Daily, and, in fact, the site recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. Four guys apparently thought it up one day — “why isn’t there a website out there for fans to write about the Twins?”  — and now Twins Daily is my go-to site for a quick fix on Twins baseball.

There are a number of writers who contribute to the site, and it basically covers everything Twins. Right now there’s been a series of close ups of the Twins top prospects, as well as thoughtful commentary on the Twins off-season moves. Such as they were. There’s also some just plain data crunching, such as this nice piece from a few weeks ago, They Came to Play, looking at the Twins “Iron Men,” and answering the question, who holds the Minnesota record for most consecutive games played?

The answer was surprising. Cal Ripkin, of course, holds the major league record, 2,632 games. For the Twins it’s… Justin Morneau! Surprise! And it’s only 319 games! I would have thought it a few more than that, and held by someone like Puckett or Killebrew or Carew or Tovar.

Nope. Justin. Way to go, Justin!

Justin is mostly known these days for being injured, and for his slowly progressing recovery. I admire the way Justin has kept plugging away since the injury; it must be very frustrating, when he was playing at such a high level before, but I haven’t heard any complaints or negatives about Justin, and he’s making progress, had a solid season last year, and we hope for an even better season this year.

Another nice piece from Twins Daily – on 12/12/12 writer Cody Christie identified the top TovarCesarTwins players to wear number 12. His pick – and mine – the great Cesar Tovar.

Way to go, Cesar! Way to wear that number 12!

And thanks, Twins Daily! And Happy Birthday!


A side note; the theme picture, above, is actually a book by Arthur C. Clarke, The Nine Billion Names of God. I read that story about 30 years ago, and I guess it stuck with me. You can find the plot summary out there on Wikipedia, of course, but if I was you I’d just read the damn story. It’s really good.


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