The Nine Billion Websites of Baseball:

nine billion g is an amazing baseball resource that probably everyone who follows baseball knows about already, but certainly requires mention anyway.

This is my go-to site – probably everybody’s go-to site – for baseball historical statistics, and it covers everything from season standings to individual player histories, to game by game results across the season, with box scores, going back to 1871. Yes. 1871. (Okay, the box scores seem to only go back to 1916.)

In the old days you would need a few books to access this sort of information, though the books I’m familiar with are more general sources and don’t have much game-by-game data. One of these is the Sports Encyclopedia: Baseball, by David Neft and Richard Cohen, which I have an older edition of, and the other is The Baseball Encyclopedia, which is a massy tome that has always intimidated me and I’ve never purchased. It’s like the King James Bible. It looks like neither of these is being updated anymore, which makes sense, but still is too bad, as I like a book, now and then.

1974 David Neft Roland Johnson - The Sports Encyclopedia BaseballBaseball Encyclopedia b

(I am all old-school, I guess.)

In fact, there’s a third reference book I still look at, on occasion, also by Neft and Cohen, called World Series, with just all the records and box scores from the World Series games. But I digress.

While I still value and enjoy and even occasionally use the old yellowing reference books on my shelf, I refer to practically every day. This sort of information was just made to be hyperlinked, and baseball-reference is like the rest of the Internet, it’s just so easy to disappear down the rabbit hole, following link after link after link after link…

baseball reference

…until suddenly it’s midnight and you haven’t gotten done what you wanted and you gotta go to bed because you have to work tomorrow.

So, if you haven’t used it already, take a look. But be careful. You might want to make sure that you have some spare time on your hands.


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