Walter Johnson

I came across this animated GIF the other day on the internet, and had to share.

Isn’t that what the Internet is for?


Walter Johnson is one of my favorites. He pitched a lot of years (21) for one team, the Senators, and was for a long time the best pitcher in baseball, on one of the poorest teams in baseball. The Senators record when Johnson got a decision was 265-143 (.650); when another pitcher got the decision, they were 490-594 (.452).

Johnson compiled an amazing record as a pitcher, with a 417-279 lifetime record, 11 seasons with an ERA below 2.00, and 531 complete games in 666 starts. As a Senator he labored for the penurious Griffith family, and so he probably never was paid what he deserved, and also we get to claim him as a pre-Twin.

And he’s got quite a nice side-arm motion there.

My basic information on Johnson came from this nice little biography on the SABR Biography Project website, take a look to find out more, and this picture below comes from Morris Bealle’s history of the Washington Senators.

Walter Johnson b sm 1907


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