The Nine Billion Websites of Baseball: Poor Old Baseball Cards

nine billion g webSome of the Nine Billion Websites of Baseball are, in fact, Blogs, as I had originally stated. I stumbled upon Poor Old Baseball Cards a couple days ago, while looking for pictures of Roger Maris, and I love everything about it, except he doesn’t post a lot lately, it seems. The card images that he posts are beautiful, battered, somehow sad, somehow noble, and his writing is a nice mix of historical facts and genuine respect for the card itself.

As I’ve implied, I love the card images on his site. He watches ebay for cards as they come down to the close of the auction, and bids on them if no one else wants them. As collectibles, he is overpaying. But still, he’s coming out ahead on the deal, I think.

Here’s a few images I loved.

rhoades Delahanty mcglynn Campanella Phil Rizzuto goose goslin

He also included his favorite comment on his site, which says:

Your site reminds me that there are other people who just love their cards for what they are, not for what potential investment value or actual or contrived rarity.The cards were a big part of my childhood, and I’ll never get rid of them, regardless of what they’re worth in terms of dollars.

Couldn’t have said it better.


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