In Today’s NY Times Obits…

I noticed in the Sunday Times that Ruth Ann Steinhagen, 83, passed away, December 29th, 2012.

Ruth Ann was a troubled young woman who developed an obsession with Cubs first baseman Eddie Waitkus. Waitkus was traded to the Phillies in December of 1948, and when the Phillies came to Chicago to play the Cubs in mid-June of 1949, Ruth Ann sent him a note, saying that she needed to see him and inviting him to her hotel room. When he arrived, she shot him.

Bernard Malamud subsequently put a similar scene at the opening of his 1952 novel, The Natural.

Steinhagen was committed to a psychiatric hospital, where she spent the next three years, and apparently lived a quiet life thereafter. Eddie Waitkus

Waitkus recovered from the shooting and played six more years. In 1950 he had over 700 plate appearances, batting .284 and scoring over 100 runs. The Phillies went to the World Series that year, losing to the Yankees.



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