spring draws to a close…

Just a couple of quick notes about the ending of spring training.

First, the big news, it looks like the Twins are set to go with 23-year-old  Aaron Hicks in Aaron Hicks 2bcenter field, which is a surprise to me, I thought for sure it would be Mastroianni starting in center and Hicks starting in triple-A. But the Twins gave him a chance to earn the position in spring training, and he hit .353 with 4 home runs, 16 runs, 16 rbi, and 3 stolen bases. So I’m happy how that turned out, and hope Hicks can make the jump to the bigs from double-A ball.

It looks like the rotation will be Worley, Pelfry, Correia, De Vries, and Hendriks, with Diamond on the 15 day injured list and Sudden Sam Deduno, who’s not on the 40 man roster, starting in triple-A after he recovers from a slight groin pull. Pelfry had a good start on Monday, giving up 1 run on five hits over five innings, but I was surprised to read that the Twins started him on just three days rest, to get him back on his “normal schedule.” I’d like to see the Twins be a bit more careful than that with Pelfry, who’s just coming off Tommy John surgery, 11 months ago. This is not a good sign.

The bullpen looks good with Burnet, Fien, Burton, Duensing, and Glenn Perkins. Rule 5 draft pick Ryan Pressly also looks like he’ll make the club, and Josh Roenicke. The Twins picked Roenicke off waivers from Colorado in November, a nice pickup. He had a pretty good year last year for the Rockies, in 63 games with a 3.25 ERA.

Looks like Florimon at short, and Dozier at second, with Jamey Carroll backing them both up. Florimon’s hitting .213 this spring, and that’s probably about what he’ll hit during the regular season. He’d better field like Ozzie Smith out there, or the Twins will soon be looking for other options.

That’s it for now. Opening day is Monday the first, game starts at 3:10 against the Tigers. I need to find a nearby watering hole with a TV.


One thought on “spring draws to a close…

  1. SI Twins projected last in division, 34 games out (really?) or something like that. They could be wrong. Sure, all of our pitchers have ERA’s over 4. But that was last year (or more) ago. Funny things happen. Funny good things. Sometimes. The lineup sounds like strangers to me. But I will become more familiar. And the twins, well, this could be their surprise year. Or at least it’s not not their year, yet.

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