0 – 1

I hate being 0 – 1.

For the fifth year in a row.

game one

Of course, it would be totally stupid for anyone to draw any conclusions, whatsoever, about the Twins coming season from the single game played yesterday. It’s going to be a long season, and in that season, stretching out over many months, anything can happen. This was only one game, and it’s over, and we should just let it lie, and be thinking about tomorrow’s game.

That being said, what conclusions can we draw?

1. The Twins can’t compete with the Big Boys. First game of the season, against the defending champs, in our home field, with the stands full of hardy ice-cold fans rooting them on, despite the -10 wind chill factor… and Mr. Verlander shut them down pretty well. It looks like, in the big games, the Twins won’t have it.

2. The Twins can play ball with anyone. This is a tenacious young ball club that is just learning how to win, and they will keep coming at you till they run out of time. Yesterday was a close game, and it pretty much could have gone either way. The Twins had their chances but just fell short. We took them pretty much the whole 9 though. They knew they had been in a game, and if the breaks had gone a little different, we’d be 1-0, and busy not drawing conclusions from that.

3. Morneau is again a force to be reckoned with. Other teams know it, and he knows it. He was only 1 for 4, but that base on balls in the 7th inning shows us that the Tigers were being careful with him, and also that he’s using good judgement up there, seeing the ball, and not pressing.

4. The Twins are going to struggle for the big base hit in key situations. Sabermatricians will tell you there’s no such thing as a “clutch hitter.” This may be especially true for our club.

5. The Twins again will not hit a lot of home runs this year, but, on the other hand, they will strike out a ton. They struck out 12 times yesterday. Yeesh. Talk about your wind chill factor.

6. Casey Fien is going to have a monster year. Faced three batters, struck out three batters. According to the play-by-play, he was throwing a lot of change-ups. I haven’t really read much about him, despite his good year last year. What’s going on with Casey Fien? Has he sold his soul to the devil for a devastating pitch? Will he be the Sandy Koufax of change-ups?

7. Hickkks may not last a month. Perhaps a little time in AAA would be good for him?

8. Worley is still a developing prospect. He was the #5 starter on the Phillies, after all. We shouldn’t be expecting the return of, say… Scott Erickson.

9. Florimon may surprise. Perhaps his fielding isn’t all that great either?

10. Twins fans are a hardy breed, but they can also be fairly difficult to rouse during a game. Less organ, please. More cow-bell.

11. Duensing. Oy.

As I said, it’s a serious mistake to draw any conclusions from one game played in sub-freezing conditions.

But what the heck. All in fun. Let’s go get ’em tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “0 – 1

  1. So close. So cold. While nice to have an opening game in MN, an away loss is easier to take. But tomorrow’s another day. Hey, their pitcher was Verlander. I will not draw any conclusions until after 5 games. And probably not even then. Because I am ever optimistic, yes, a true Twins fan.

  2. I cannot tell you how happy I am that the Twins won today. This may be due to lack of sleep. But I feel like it’s a turning point in our season. Yay!

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