1 – 1!

Nice to be 1 and 1 now. Twins get a comeback win in the bottom of the ninth.


Did I know the Twins were playing this afternoon?

No. I did not.

Some fan I am.

Just watched the replay of the game winning hit in the ninth. Okay, we got a bit lucky there. But, for win number 1, we’ll take it.

And nice game pitched by Correia!

And nice hitting by bottom of the line-up! Twins get five hits, and Dozier, Florimon, Escobar, and Ramirez each get one.

Still, how did I not look at the schedule?

It’s not like I’m going to follow/post on each game, but you would think I would know when the second game of the season is being played, wouldn’t you?


3 thoughts on “1 – 1!

  1. One would think so. Maybe you need the schedule magnetted to your fridge. No I do not do that. I am an internet person. But even I, thousands of miles away, knew the 2nd game of the season was today, this afternoon. And looked at the progression. Behind, 2-0, closer 2-1, WIN, That much sweeter for knowing the past. This may be a comment on my lack of an actual life, but I think not. Although it may reflect on the quality of my actual life. Quick, when is the next Twins game?

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