Well, I didn’t get that 1909 T206 White Border Honus Wagner that I was hoping for. Better luck next time. The auction ended today, and my bid fell a bit shy of the winning $2.1 million. The Daily News has the story here; I guess this is the highest auction price ever for the card, but, according to the Daily News, a similar card has sold for $2.8 million in a “private transaction.”

1909 T206 Wagner sold 4-6-13 for 2point1 mill

Perhaps, if I can find out who the wealthy baseball fan is, I can trade him my old Bob Feller card, and my old Early Wynn, and my “Washington” Dave Winfield. I’m ready and willing to dicker. (Sorry, my ’55 Jackie Robinson is untouchable.)


From the Goldin Auctions website:

Seeing a T206 Wagner evokes an acute awareness of the card’s history. Owning a T206 Wagner marks you as an integral part of that card’s history forever. If you collect art, you dream to own an original Picassoo or Van Gogh, if you…

hmmm. I would like to have me one a them Picassoos.


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