Can’t afford the T206 Honus Wagner?

My recent disappointment in failing to acquire the T206 Honus Wagner card prompted the question, well, what’s the next best thing?

The opinion seems to be that the second most valuable card is the Babe Ruth rookie card,Babe Ruth 1914 Baltimore Sun Card blue published by the Baltimore News in 1914, when he first started playing in the International League with the Baltimore Orioles. Some believe that a near-mint condition Ruth rookie card would be even more valuable than the Honus Wagner card, and that’s probably true, since it doesn’t seem like a near-mint condition Ruth rookie card exists. It’s a nice looking card; I’ve seen blue versions and red versions, and I wonder if that it makes any difference to the value. I’d prefer the blue, myself.

Forbes published a brief article on the top baseball cards, back in 2008. I’d like to see some updated figures. Of the cards on the list, I wouldn’t mind having that 1910 Joe Jackson card. He strikes a thoughtful pose. The Boston Garter Joe Jackson is also very nice, but for the decorative garter.

Speaking of nice cards, here’s one of the favorites from my collection. (And yes, personally annotated.) 1962. Nice colors, nice swing.

maris c sm


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