hey, don’t knock the Rock!

I came across this old card while I was looking for my Jackie Robinson.

Was there ever a better baseball name than Rocky Colavito?

colovito's power

I don’t think so.

You don’t hear much about Rocky Colavito any more. He had a string of good years for Rocky Colavito - Time Magazine Cover - Aug 24 1959Cleveland and Detroit in the late 50s and early 60s. Naturally, with a name like Rocky Colavito, he hit a lot of home runs: 374 over a 14 year career, with a .266 average. In his final season, ’68, he pitched a couple of innings for the Yankees and got one in the W column. While slow of foot, he was a good outfielder with a tremendous throwing arm, and was always a big fan favorite, especially in Cleveland.

The SABR Bio project has a nice write-up on the Rock.

Hey, don’t knock the Rock!


2 thoughts on “hey, don’t knock the Rock!

  1. It is a great name. I’m not sure the card really displays his power, though; it leaves a lot to the imagination. (“Big swing, and he pops it up.”)

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