this guy can paint the corners

nine billion g web

When I think of baseball paintings I think of Norman Rockwell’s painting of the umpire and the rain, and LeRoy Niemann, of course, he must have done some baseball, no? And of course, Van Gogh, who always wanted to do a series of paintings on baseball, but never felt “ready.” As he wrote to Theo:

“Je ne suis pas prêt, Théo, je ne suis pas assez artiste, assez audacieux, assez sauvage âme à peindre baseball comme il doit être peint, avec le feu et le tonnerre de roulement de la nuit ..

Et alors … tournesols.
oui. tournesols, Théo.
plus de tournesols.
Je suis tellement déprimée. Avez-vous entendu des scores de l’Amérique? Je me demande pendant la nuit que j’essaie de me reposer, comment les Athletics font. Avez-vous entendu quelque chose?
Theo, écrivez-moi.”

“I am not ready, Theo, I am not artist enough, bold enough, untamed soul enough to paint baseball as it should be painted, with fire and the rolling thunder of the night..

And so… sunflowers.
yes. sunflowers, Theo.
more sunflowers.
I am so so depressed. Have you heard any scores from America? I wonder at night as I try to rest, how the Athletics are doing. Have you heard anything?
Theo, write me.”

I just happened upon the website of the painter Graig Kreindler. Now here’s a guy who can paint the corners, and everything else as well.

Kreindler - Mantle

I came across his work yesterday morning as I was looking for widget images, and I love his work, the perspectives he chooses, the way he uses light and chooses his moment. Lots of great paintings on his website. Take a look. What better subject for painting than baseball? Colorful, focused action and grace, power, the broad green fields of summer, history. “The human drama of athletic competition.” (thanks Chris Shenkle, Wide World of Sports.)


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