Hands Out?

Here’s an old page from the scorebook of the New York Knickerbockers game of 19 June 1846.

scoring for 19 june 1846 knicerbocker baseball club game

As you can see, the scoring back that was a bit limited. It’s kind of surprising they would even bother. And what if baseball scoring had never evolved? What would today’s sabermetricians do with mountains of data like this? It seems that they are only tracking who scores runs and who makes outs. I’ll assume that the innings are called “hands out” – identifying the players who have handed outs to the other team? Well, it looks like the unidentifiable number 6 in the order handed them the third out in the first two”hands out.” I see his name is scrawled out, and another name written in. I guess the manager had seen  enough of Mr. Namenor for that day. We’ll see if Mr. Trafufahard can do a bit better.

And then there’s the big X scrawled over the page –  perhaps a rain out? Or? I also see the bottom three players have 6 6 6 written in next to their names, and to the right, it seems to say “6 fine 6”. Early sabermetrics notation? Perhaps whenever this sort of “6 fine 6” occurs, it is the mark of the beast and the game is called and everybody goes home?

Obviously, I am pretty new to this sabermetrics stuff.

Scorecard courtesy of the NY Public Library. Thanks for saving things like this, NYPL!

ny public library lions - Oct 200 src cnn


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