advertising basically is just the business of ruination…

Looking at the Minnesota Twins MLB website the other day, I accidentally stumbled upon this Dunkin’ Donut website.

twins website

Perhaps the Twins have paid mr. donuts a bit of money so that they could put a little bit of baseball news on his website?

If I’m not careful this could easily turn into a blog about the evils of advertising, which basically will prostitute anything it can get it’s grasping hands on in order to wave somebody’s product in front of your face for an extended annoying moment.

I’m afraid it won’t be long before all the players have their own corporate sponsors and we’ll be watching Joe “The Energizer Bunny” Mauer take his swings against Justin “Easy Off” Verlander — with this pitch sponsored by Viagra – “Don’t Go up to the Plate without a big bat. Viagra gives you the good wood.” And now, here’s the Viagra Pitch. That’s Strike One — brought to you by Exxonmobile – the Company that knows we’re all in this together, to the very last exploitable drop of our precious natural resources…”

Just sayin’. Advertising has trashed TV, and is digging its claws into the internet, baseball and everything else.

I’m tired of it.

(Oh, and I’ll be removing this post once I sign up for whatever ads I can get on WordPress.)



2 thoughts on “advertising basically is just the business of ruination…

  1. FWIW it’s MLB and dunkin donuts for everyone – same ads on Miami, Boston, and Seattle team websites. Made me a little hungry – for a nice raised, glazed, warm donut, and a cup of coffee (NOT dunkin donut bland coffee).

  2. yes, I guess that’s the idea. dooooohhh nuuuuuuuuuut. Major League baseball gets $$$, Dunkin Donut gets $$$, you and me and everyone else buys donuts (-$$$$$). Everybody’s happy.

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