today’s baseball history nugget

Happy Birthday Kent Hrbek!KENT HRBEK TWINS

Kent was a local kid who made good. Home town was Bloomington, MN – you could say he grew up in the shadow of the old Met Stadium, except that would have him growing up in a parking lot. But he was nearby, undoubtedly dreamed of playing for the Twins. He came up to the big club in ’81, when the Twins were Terrible, and helped bring the team back to respectability. He was a slick-fielding first baseman who won gold gloves in ’91 and ’92, hit for power and average and drove in the runs. And you could tell he was having fun out there. There were those who say that if he had had a little less fun he might have been a little better ball player. I think Kent made the right call on that one.

In retirement he apparently entered a contest with Kirby Puckett to see who could be the largest retired Twin. It was pretty much too close to call.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Kent Hrbek. 53 years young.


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