DoD standings

division of the damned

Just a little note on the current standings of the teams that I’ve never cared anything about.

division of the damned 6-10

Who knew that Arizona team would be so good? Meanwhile, Florida Team 1 is apparently disappointing.

In real baseball news, the Twins dropped a “doubleheader” yesterday. (I think it was one of those day-night doubleheaders, where you get two games for the price of two?) In any case, losing two in one day is always a downer. That brings us to 27 and 33 this year; last year at this time we were 24 and 34, so we have a better record this year (thank the gods) and it does seem like things are more hopeful this year. Pitching is still pretty much a mess. But suddenly it seems like there’s some reason for hope. Florimon is hitting better than expected at short, while playing the position great. Hicks seems to be slowly coming around.

Hey, is that a light, at the end of this long tunnel?


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