42? at the ‘view?

42 is showing this weekend, and the following week, (and last week) at the best movie theater in the Twin Cities, the Riverview. Not only is it a second-run theater, so the movies are reasonably priced, but it is a classic movie house, built back in the day, and Riverview Theater - Nov 2008 sm - 5086wonderfully maintained and managed. They have comfortable seats and digital projection capabilities — saw the Twins lose to the Yankees (again!) at the Riverview in one of their more recent playoff runs. Lots of fun, free admission, excellent popcorn, good crowd. If only the Twins would have won, it would have been perfect.

Anyway, hope to catch 42 while it’s there. From the previews, it looks pretty good; I especially like what I see of the re-creation of Ebbets Field. (Though, on the otherhand, in the previews, the movie does seem to have a bit of a digital-feel to me. I know they digitally enhance most movies now, and I may be crazy, but I think it often adds a noticeable layer of artificiality to everything. I’m not sure what it is. Things just look too good to be true, I guess.)

Anyway, in preparation, I will brush up on the Jackie Robinson story. Not sure where or when I picked this book up, but it’s definitely a school library classic.jackie robinson story


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