Today in Baseball History

A couple of events jump out.

First, this was the day that Luis Tiant struck out 19 Twins in 10 innings. Final Score: Cleveland 1, Minnesota 0. (This was 1968, after all.) I remember listening to that game on the radio. Jim Merrit pitched for the Twins, gave up 4 hits in 9 innings of pitching. He also struck out 4 times.
I always liked Tiant. The Twins had him for one season, 1970 – perhaps he was hurt that Luis Tiant - Indiansyear? Perhaps he was hurt  in ’69 and ’70? He was 21-9 in ’68, (with a 1.60 ERA, Holy Cow!) then 9-20 in ’69 with Cleveland, and then the Twins traded Dean Chance, Bob Miller, Graig Nettles, and Ted Uhlander to Cleveland for Tiant and Stan Williams. Tiant went 7-3 with the Twins in ’70, with a 3.40 ERA, and I guess the Twins figured he was washed up, because they released him in March of ’71, and he signed with Boston as a free agent. (Couldn’t they have worked some sort of trade? Hard to believe they couldn’t.)

I guess he went on to have some pretty good seasons with Boston.

(Stan Williams also went 10-1 for the Twins in 1970. So the trade was not a complete sham.)

Also today: Cesar Tovar’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Cesar! Cesar would be 73 today, if he were still alive. Always liked Cesar. Another guy who would and could play any position on the field. More on Cesar later, I think.

Cesar Tovar - Topps -

Also the birthday of Bunny Brief, Nig Cuppy, Bill Tozer, and Coco Laboy. A good day for baseball names.


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