and six in a row…

Meanwhile, the Twins dropped their sixth straight game (including four in a row, at home, to the nefarious Yankees) last night, shut out, 4-0. Nothing says futility like a shut out during a long losing streak. To be fair, the Twins were facing a pretty good pitcher last night, Mark Buehrle, but looking at the Twins line-up, we see a shortage of threatening bats.

Dozier, .237.
Doumit, .239.
Parmelee, .235.
Hicks, .186.
Florimon, .228.

When half your starting lineup is hitting under .240, you got problems. At the same time, these guys are hopefully the future of the club, so they gotta get their at-bats in, make their mistakes, find their place. This is their time to step up to the plate. Doumit, Parmelee, and Hicks are better hitters than what they’re showing us so far. Parmelee in particular puzzles me, has me wondering if he can make the jump to the majors. I always think he’s on the verge of stepping up, but whenever I check he’s batting .235. There’s some talk of trading Morneau, letting Parm play first. I’d hold off on that, I guess.

Hard to be a manager in this situation, but Gardy can only do so much. I don’t think the issue is the manager. I think we are just waiting for our young ballplayers to mature (or not.)

Near the all-star break, the Twins are ranking 23rd in Runs Allowed, at 390. Tied with San Diego, and just a couple of runs better than Colorado. Houston is at the bottom, at 460. They rank 16th in Runs Scored, at 343, one ahead of the Cubs, four behind the Padres. The Red Sox lead in Runs, with 451. And so the Twins are 36-47, 10 games off the pace (Detroit, 47-38), and lurching into the all-star break.



2 thoughts on “and six in a row…

  1. I know what you mean. According to baseball, the twins head-to-head record against the Yankees since 1960 is 257-354, (.421). That’s their worst head-to-head record in all that time, but for a 5-7 record against the Braves, which is percentage points worse, but much easier to take.
    So I guess the Twins have *never* played well against the Yankees, really.
    Even so, it’s been much worse since 2000 – they are 30-66 since 2000, a .313 percentage.
    I wonder if any other team has a worse head-to-head record than the Twins vs. Yankees?

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