baseball is forever…

Or, at least, these baseball stamps are.

Went to the local post office over my lunch break today, and found these:


Seems like kind of an odd mix of players, (but who cares.) And they are forever stamps. If postage goes up to $10 a letter, these will still be good.

I always like a nice baseball stamp, and purchase when available. They had a series a few years ago, old baseball parks. So nice I could never bring myself to use them. (Dumb.)

Anyway, bought two sheets of the baseball stamps.

Also bought two sheets of Johnny Cash. Johnny Cash is also forever. (Good baseball name, I think.)

johnny cash

There was a Johnny Cash who played minor league ball for the Braves and the Durham Bulls in the 1980s, but I don’t think this is the same guy.

This is the guy that sang God’s Gonna Cut You Down. And a few other songs, I guess.


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