the mick

Back when I was just starting to collect baseball cards, when I was a mere youth, I somehow found out about Larry Fritsch, a card dealer in Steven’s Point, Wisconsin, who sold cards through the mail by catalog. I probably thumbed through the catalog for a long time before picking out a few to purchase. Mostly Twins, of course. But then again, there was the Mick. Everyone loved the Mick, and of course I had to have a card of his. And of course, the bigger the better.

And so that’s how I wound up with this one, a 1964 Topps Giant card of Mickey Mantle.

Mickey Mantle lgcd c smWell, it’s a nice card, but the regular sized cards seem to be valued a bit more.

And I don’t like to think of what I might have paid, back in 1970, for a really nice Mickey Mantle card.

Here’s an interesting article that suggests that card dealers in NY artificially boosted the value of the ’52 Mantle card; it also estimates the value of a ’52 Mantle in the late 1970s at $100 to $150. In the early 1970s? Under $100? (Current value? Hard to say. The market is fluid, and much depends upon condition. But let’s just say probably over $10,000, and not think about it anymore.)

Of course, back in 1970, $100 was a lot of money, especially for me, and I’d have been crazy to spend that kind of money on a baseball card. I’m sure the ’64 large card was much more in my price range. Which allowed me to also get Pascual, Oliva, and Killebrew as well.

Larry Fritsch Cards, LLC, is still is out there, selling cards, at, though Larry himself passed away in 2007.

What would I do with a ’52 Mantle anyway?


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