Japanese Baseball Cards

nine billion g webI came upon this site this morning, Japanese Baseball Cards – An English Guide to Baseball Cards from Japan, which takes a look, obviously, at baseball cards in Japan. What more needs to be said?

While the site looks at both current and vintage cards, it is more focused on the current issues, and to me the current issues are not that interesting or unusual; they could be Topps cards if they were in English.

03 BBM AS Iwakuma

The Vintage cards, though, I find much more fun, with the Japanese flavor of the art work.

japanese cards

This blog has been around since 2007, so it’s got some staying power. I suspect that this is probably the only English language site on this topic; I wonder how many Japanese language web sites might be devoted to this? (Knowing the Internet, probably a billion or so.)

Okay, I’m wrong. The blog provides links to a few other blogs on Japanese baseball, including this one, Japanese Vintage Baseball Cards. This blog just started this year, and, while there’s not a lot of posts yet, there are some interesting old Japanese baseball pictures. I’m looking forward to seeing more.

japanese cards -kagome setAnd it turns out that Vintage Japanese Baseball Cards is the work of Rob Fitts, who has written extensively about Japanese baseball, and has a nice history of Japanese baseball cards on his website. Thanks Rob!




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