Christy Mathewson Day

Also, today in baseball history: today is Christy Mathewson’s birthday.Christy Mathewson - New_York_Giants, c 1910

Born in 1880, he’s now 133 years old. He died, though in 1925, at age 45. Way too young. He was accidentally gassed during a training exercise in France in 1918, and this left him susceptible to tuberculosis, which he soon came down with. For the rest of his life he was fighting this illness. He did coach a bit for the Giants, after the war, and in 1923 he was part of a group that bought the Boston Braves, though his health did not allow him to take the leading role that was planned.

Here’s a little Youtube footage of Matty pitching.

Just a few notes about his career: 373 wins (third all-time), 2.13 career ERA (eighth all-time), won 20 games or more in a season 13 times, won 30 games or more 4 times. Five time ERA champion, five time strikeout champion, five seasons with an ERA under 2. One of the original five members of baseball’s Hall of Fame.

Happy Birthday, Matty!

Christy Mathewson - 1912 NY Giants


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