yesterday in baseball history


The Twins lose to the Angels, 6-3.

Terry Felton is the losing pitcher for the Twins.

This loss makes Felton 0-11 for the season, but 0-14 in his career, which is the record for most consecutive losses to start a career.

Felton - Fleer

Terry went on to finish the season at 0-13, which, combined with his 0-3 record from 1980, brought his career total to 0-16, which is the record most career losses for a pitcher without ever being credited with a victory.

To be fair, the Twins in 1982 went 60 and 102, so Terry did not get a lot of support. Six of Felton’s losses were in one-run games. Could have gone either way. Brooks Robinson is quoted in Wikipedia as saying “He has outstanding stuff, and there is just no way that he is as bad as his 1982 record indicates. Don’t give up on him yet.”

1982 was Felton’s last year in the majors.

He went on to a career in law enforcement, and now works as a detective in the East Baton Rouge sheriff’s office.

Capt Terry Felton


That was probably a hard year for Felton, 0-13, despite having good stuff. Perhaps the injustice of that record spoke to him. Still, Terry played major league ball, over a year in the big leagues. Not a lot of guys can say that.


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