more entrances and exits

Fatty Briody (1887 Detroit Wolverines) 3

Charles F. Briody, Detroit Wolverines

Today is the birthday of Fatty Briody, Hercules Burnett, Fielder Jones, Wingo Anderson, Vinegar Bend Mizell, Bob Giggie, & Mudcat Grant. (Among others.) Good names, all.

Briody played in the early days of base ball; when he was but a lad, in Troy, New York, he grew up watching the fabled Haymakers play the game. His career started out with the Troy Trojans (1880), then went on to play with the Cleveland Blues(1882), the Cincinnati Outlaw Reds(1884), the St. Louis Maroons(1885), the Kansas City Cowboys(1886), and the Detroit Wolverines (1887). Rather a peripatetic career.

On the exit side of the ledger, Mickey Mantle died today in 1995, and Phil Rizzutto in 2007. Phil was a Brooklyn kid, known as “The Scooter”, and he played his entire 13 year career for the Phil Rizzuto - 1952 ToppsYankees. They won 10 championships in those 13 years, which is not too bad. Not bad at all. Scooter was the league MVP in 1950, and the runner up to Ted Williams for MVP in 1949. He was a great fielder and a great bunter — the only MVP ever to lead the league in sacrifice bunts.

Meanwhile, another entrance on the scene: Twins fans are excited today about Andrew Albers. Albers is the soft-throwing rookie southpaw who threw 8 1/3 innings of shut out ball in his major league debut on August 6th, and then topped it yesterday by tossing a two-hit shut out against the Indians. They got a single in the fourth, and a single in the 8th, and that was it. The boys played some good defense behind him, helped him out a bit. Albers’ big league record is now 2-0, 17.1 innings pitched, 6 hits, a walk, and four strikeouts.


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