Twins Become Increasingly Independent – Sign Boyer from St. Paul Saints

I noticed this in the Sunday Star Tribune, and today tracked it down on the Saints websiteBrad Boyer. The Twins have signed Saints second baseman Brad Boyer to a contract – he’s headed to AA ball at New Britain. While on the one hand, this is great for Boyer – he’s 29 and is having a great season with the Saints, and it’s nice to see him get this chance. (Shades of Colabello, Albers and all those other independent league hopefuls!) On the other hand, he’s 29. Which gives me pause. This is where I say that maybe the Twins should have instead looked for a younger guy with some promise, some guy that really might develop into a future everyday player with the club, but who needs some minor league experience and coaching. And, having said that, Boyer will now make an appearance in the big leagues this September, and knock the cover off the ball, and emerge as next season’s starting second baseman. Well, so be it. I love it that these guys are getting a chance. It’s great for them. But is it great for the club? Aw, what do I know? Go get ’em, Mr. Boyer. Give it your best shot


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