ex-Twins watch, part II

Another little peek at how some former Twins are faring out in the real world.

Ben Revere - Twins

Ben Revere
Ben was traded away in the off season and has been playing with the Phillies this year, and he’s had a pretty decent year, hitting .305 in 88 games. Unfortunately Ben suffered a broken ankle July 15 – he fouled a ball off it just before the all-star game – and he was scheduled to be out 6 to 8 weeks, after surgery.

Tyler Robertson
Tyler pitched in 40 games for the Twins in 2012 and 2 games in 2013 when he got sent down. Washington picked him up off waivers, and he’s gone 2-2 for them in AAA, with a 3.63 ERA. I thought the Twins dumped him a bit quickly.

dickey twinsR.A. Dickey
Well, now, there’s a tale. The Twins had Robert Allen Dickey (why does no one call him Bob Dickey? Or Rob Dickey? Or Robert? I wonder how long he’s gone by R.A., and why?) in 2007. He signed as a free agent, and then, a week later, was drafted by the Mariners in the Rule 5 draft. On March 29th of 2008 the Mariners sent him back to the Twins, and then traded Jair Fernanadez to the Twins to get Dickey back. And then, in November of 2008, he was a free agent again. And the Twins signed him again. In 2009 he was a 34 year old knuckleballer, and pitched in 35 ball games, going 1-1 with a 4.62 ERA and a 1.61 WHIP. He had one start and pitched 64 innings. And then, at the end of the season, he was a free agent again, and this time the Mets signed him.
2010, with the Mets, he was 11-9 with a 2.84 ERA.
2011, with the Mets again, he was 8-13, with a 3.28 ERA.
And in 2012, still with the Mets, he went 20-6 with a 2.73 ERA. He had 33 starts, threw five complete games, three shutouts, and 233 innings. And won the Cy Young award.
The Mets traded Dickey to the Blue Jays in the off-season, and this year Dickey is 10-12 with a 4.39 ERA. So what was the deal in New York? I can’t blame the Twins for cutting him loose, and yet, at the same time, I sorta do. Couldn’t they have stuck with him a bit, especially after all the haggling to get him here in the first place?
Well, in any case, this gives me cause to post that great animated gif of Dickey’s knuckleball. I kind of hope the Twins bring him back the next time he’s a free agent.

r-a-dickey-knuckleball (1)

Jesse Crain
Jesse was a big loss for the Twins. He fell out of favor with the fans after taking some tough losses, but I thought he was the Twins closer of the future. He pitched with the Jesse CrainTwins from 2004-10, going 33-21 with a 3.42 ERA. With the White Sox he’s gone 12-10, with a 2.10 ERA. His ERA this year? 0.74. With the White Sox sitting down there in the cellar (for some reason I always love it when the White Sox are worse than us) there’s some talk of Crain being traded. Would seem to make sense.

[Later that same day…] I find that Crain was dealt. A month ago. To Tampa Bay. For Players to Be Named or Cash. Where was I? But, to be fair, he hasn’t pitched for them yet – hasn’t pitched since he was injured June 29th.


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