today’s baseball birthday

Happy birthday, Albert Goodwill Spalding!
Spalding was a star player for the Boston Red Stockings of the National Association in the early 1870s, compiling a 206-53 record as a pitcher, while at the same time batting .323. In 1876 he helped William Hulbert form the new National League, moving to the Chicago albert spaldingWhite Stockings of the new League and convincing other National Association players and teams to move to the new league as well.
In 1876 Spalding went 47-12 for the White Stockings (later to be known as the Cubs), which won the championship with a 52-14 record. Spalding and his brother also opened up a sporting goods business in Chicago, and when Spalding published the first official rules guide for baseball, he specified that only Spalding balls could be used. He also published the Baseball Guide, which was the most popular baseball publication of its time, and as a player Spalding popularized the use of baseball gloves, (which Spalding Sporting Goods also happened to sell.)
In 1888 Spalding took a team of baseball all-stars around the world to promote baseball and Spalding Sporting Goods.
Spalding also published America’s National Game in 1911, which combined the Henry Chadwick archives with his own memories of the game in the first in-depth account of baseball history.
Quite an impressive resume!
Spalding died on 9 September 1915.
Good game, Al.

Spalding baseball rules 1877 reprint


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