Otto Miller - 1912Here it is, mid-September in the Year of Baseball. The days are so much shorter now. It’s pitch black when I get up in the morning, which does make you wonder, really, what the point is, why do we get up? Why do we keep on going?  The card at left kind of says it all.

The Twins are 20 games under .500 ball, about where people thought they might be, and right where they should be, really, thinking about it in the cold black dawn. It’s been a hard year, though. The loss of Justin Morneau rankles, though it makes sense, it rankles. It seemed like he would be one of those guys who would be a Twin forever. But I suppose in a world where Harmon Killebrew ends his career playing for the Kansas City Royals, this should just be expected. The game is a business. Money talks, and players walk, no matter who. They’re all expendable for the greater good.

Joe Mauer has had a fine season – tip of the cap to Joe, for persevering –  he’s hitting .324. And all through the hot-stove league season we will be wondering if Brian Dozier is really a threat to go deep. Who would have guessed that Morneau and Dozier would be tied for the team lead (17) in home runs?  Aaron Hicks disappointed, but he’ll be back. Oswaldo Arcia has shown some promise. It’s that time of year where you do a bit of appraisal, but it’s hard to focus, with the Twins filling out their line-up card every day with new guys, guys you’ve never heard of, up for their swing and their cup of coffee. Fryer? Pinto? Well, get up there and take your swings.

Looking at the Twins pitching, it’s hard to say who was the biggest disappointment. The high ERA guys are basically a list of our starters:

Cole DeVries                0-0            9.00
Vance Worley               1-5            7.21
Kirk Gibson                   2-4            6.53
PJ Walters                    2-5            5.95
Scott Diamond              5-11         5.61
Mike Pelfry                     5-12         5.31
Kevin Corrieia                9-12         4.31

Not a pretty picture. We hear a lot about the strong arms we’ve got in the minors, and we can only hope.
And thank the Lord for Sudden Sam Deduno – 8-8, with a 3.83 ERA, and (as would be guessed at) having surgery on his shoulder soon, “just to clean it up a little.” Let’s hope he has a full and speedy recovery.


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