field trip: Victor’s 1959, & cafe Cubano

vic e - mtpmcg913 sm - 1821

Finally made it over to Victor’s 1959 for breakfast with my sweetheart. I’ve been wanting to try some of that Cuban coffee that we heard about in an earlier post, and this seemed like the best local opportunity.

victor's b fr - mtpmcg913 sm - 1819

Victor’s has been around for a while, on the corner of Grand and 38th Street in beautiful south Minneapolis. There’s some outdoor seating, but we wanted to experience the place in full, so we found a table inside. It’s a small place – what we saw of it, at least. I suspect we saw it all. One narrow room with  a row of booths and on the opposite wall a row of small tables. We chose a table in the back corner, and so had a nice view of the place.

vhc fr - mtpmcg913 sm - 1809For some reason it reminded me of a cafe you’d find up on the north shore. Not sure what it was that made me think of that. I had the Ranchero Cubana: “2 corn tortillas with melted cheddar, topped with 2 eggs covered in a creole sauce & served with our black beans.” It was delicious. Next time I would add the rice on the side, I think. After that came the cafe cubano.

cbc c fr - mtpmcg913 sm - 1815

Hot, sweet, and delicious.
And probably good for you too.


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