Okay, where are we now?

We are at the 29th of September. The last game of the season.

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TheTwins play the Cleveland Spiders, who, at 91-70, are a game up in the midst of the “wild-card” chase. So those Clevelanders can clinch the spot with a win today, while a loss could drop them into a three way tie for the two spots.

The Twins have suffered through another long season of the doldrums. Progress is hard to see. Shades of the latter years of the Tom Kelly era! The Twins stand at 66-95. Last year they finished at 66-96. Two years ago it was 63 and 99. If the old saying is true, that every year each team will win 66 and lose 66 and the other 30 games are up for grabs, then the Twins have lost 29 of those games, with one left to play. The boys are 3-15 in their last 16 games, and have lost 5 in a row. They’ve traded Morneau and lost Mauer to a concussion. Their starting pitching has been terrible, and their offense offensive. They’ve scored 613 runs, third lowest in the league. They’ve allowed 783, the second worst.
No, this has not been a fun season for anyone involved.

I’m sure there will be a hue and cry to fire Gardy in the off season. I think they should keep him. He can only work with the tools he has, and so far, the last few years, they have not been giving him much to work with. Gardy’s had 8 season’s over .500 ball; this will be his 4th season of under .500. I think he’s earned a little time.

To refresh my memory, and perhaps add a bit of much needed perspective, here is the end of the Tom Kelly Era:

Year       W   L
1997     68   94
1998     70   92
1999     63   97
2000     69   93
2001     85   77

A doleful record indeed, and certainly one all of us Twins fans remember.
The years in the wilderness.
Coomer at third, Nixon in center, and Tewksbury on the mound. (1998)
Actually, it’s a bit worse than what I relate here, as the Twins actually started losing in 1993. But that was just too too much to dwell on. Compared to that, The current bad spell is just that, a bad spell. A low spot in the road. A slight detour. And it may take a few years to pull out of it. I can afford to be patient.

Ahh, well. Let’s go Twins. Let’s finish the 2013 campaign on a high note.


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