no home should be without one…

I came across this on ebay this morning.

lux baseball clock - 1939 world's fairThey call this the Lux Baseball Clock,circa 1939.

The description says they believe this was sold at the 1939 World’s Fair. According to what they hear from the previous owner.


No home should be without at least one of these.

Ebay is a nice source for all sorts of baseball things; you’ll never know what you’ll find. Perhaps a bronze sculpture of Lou Gehrig is more to your liking?

bronze gehrig sculpture 1988 -

Done in 1988 by R.P. Daus, it’s priced at $4,500, and “TODAY , IT IS CONSIDERED AMONG THE FINEST SPORTS SCULPTURE EVER PRODUCED.”

Or perhaps something smaller? Here’s a 1969 Pittsburgh Pirates viewfinder. Look inside to see pictures of Clemente, Stargell, all your favorites. $18.27, but the bids are still coming in.

Pittsburgh Pirates 1969 viewfinder

No? Not a Pirates fan? Maybe a 1976 Reds serving tray would be more to your liking?

1976 Cincinnati Reds Tray


Or a 1965 Show-and Tell thing on Babe Ruth’s called shot? Just $30!

1965 show and tell

Or maybe something smaller?

1960s Senators Pin

a 1960s Senators pin. Suitable for work. $5. Won’t last long at that price!

The 1950s Tiger pin is nicer, but $29.

1950s tiger pin


Which makes me wonder where oh where is my Tony Oliva pin? I haven’t seen that around here for quite awhile…


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