if you build it…

lowertown pk a fr - mtpmcg0413 sm - 4444

They’ve released “updated design renderings” for the St. Paul Lowertown Ball Park, and naturally, the critics speak loudest and get the most attention.

Lowertown ballpark Broadway-Entrance-FINAL

I think the biggest complaint, and one I happen to agree with, is that the more modern design doesn’t really fit in with the old buildings of the old warehousey neighborhood. I agree, and I would have preferred to see something more traditional in appearance. (The scene above roughly corresponds in location to the photo at the top of the page.)

On the other hand, it’ll probably be okay. It’s certainly a big improvement from what’s there, and the open space and sky will be nice for the farmer’s market next door, I think. And again, it’s a huge improvement over where they play currently.

Lowertown ballpark Concourse-View-FINAL

On the third hand, I wish it wasn’t going to be in Lowertown, as I’ve always liked that neighborhood for what it was, and this reeks of gentrification and “progress.” I think they should have, instead, tore down the old Daytons/Marshall Fields/Macy’s in downtown St. Paul, and squeezed the ball park in there.

The-site-St.-Paul-arial-view 2

But nobody asked me.


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