A Minnesota Twins Christmas Carol?

stove - loc eI have been neglectful about the Twins doings in the HSL. Distracted by Roger Angell and also there’s the holiday season.

The Twins have been active in addressing needs, in pitching and in pitching and also in more pitching and catching. Contrary to my negative expectations, and against all historical precedent, they have opened up their strong box and started spending a bit of their gold. It’s almost as if there has been a little re-enactment of the Christmas Carol, with Uncle Carl coming back to advise the kids on generosity and the Christmas Spirit.

I can see it now…

pohlad as Marley

“But you were always a good man of business, sir,” faultered the eldest son, who now began to apply this to himself.

“Business!” cried the Ghost, wringing its hands again. “Baseball was my business. The Minnesota Twins were my business; the American League Pennant, the World Series, a baseball dynasty, were , all, my business. The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business!”

Well, maybe not.

Still the Twins have, undeniably, been spending money, and acquiring needed players. The pitchers, Nolasco and Hughes, bringing back Pelfry, the return of the prodigal Kubel (which has stolen the spotlight from the return of Bartlett), And now the signing of catcher Kurt Suzuki, and the dealing of Mr. Doumit to the Braves for pitching prospect Sean Gilmartin. Compared with the old days, these Twins are wheeling and dealing. I am hanging onto my hat. What next??

We all realize of course that Hughes and Pelfry are iffy, and Kubel is iffy, (as is Bartlett, iffy) and Gilmartin, also iffy. I’m not sure what to think of Mr. Suzuki. He seems a bit like more of a known quantity. He’s got a .253 lifetime average, but only batted .232 last year, with 5 HR and 32 rbi. Defensively he only caught 8 of 65 attempted base stealers, 12%, and lifetime he’s at 26%., compared to Mauer’s 33% (and Doumit’s 24% and Pinto’s 45% last year, (6sb, 5cs)). Hopefully he’ll be closer to 26% than 12% next year (and certainly the pitching staff has a part in these stats.) Suzuki’s 30 years old, same as Mauer, and is probably slated to share catching duties with young Pinto at the plate, with the Twins hoping that Pinto will continue to hit big league pitching. Probably not at the .342 level of last season, but he did hit .307 in 119 games at AA ball, and .314 in 19 games at AAA. So we can hope.

We are Twins fans. We can hope.

In this regard, I was sad to see Liam Hendricks get claimed off waivers, though, by the Cubs. Even though he was 2-13 with the Twins in his career, with a 6+ ERA. I had hopes. This also makes me think about similarities between the Twins and the Cubs; something about the Cubs signing a pitcher off waivers with a 2-13 record and a 6+ ERA, something there sounds like… I don’t know. Very Minnesotan, I guess. The Cubs also can hope. Go Cubs!

Just noticed that Hendriks looks a bit like Kubel. Probably just the beard.
Or perhaps too many Tom & Jerry’s tonight.

Jason Kubel, Twins Head shot smLiam Hendriks, head shot


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