today in baseball history

Boy, Pretty Much Nobody was born on this day in any year you can name.

pretty much nobody

Okay, not entirely true.

jack kibble

Jack Kibble was born on this day in 1892. Jack played five games with the Cleveland Naps in 1912, four of them at third base. According to Wikipedia he was 0-8, but he did get on one time, when he was hit by a pitch. Something tells me this was his last at bat in the big leagues. Perhaps he was desperate to get on base by any means possible, or perhaps he was a rising young prospect, and getting hit by that pitch ended his career.

Even though he only played in five games, he still got a nickname. They called him “Happy Jack” Kibble. (Despite the picture, above, when he played with the Helena Senators in 1911.)

Well, perhaps he picked up the nickname after Helena. Anyway… here’s an article from the SF Call, August 1912. Kinda makes it seem like everyone knew who Happy Jack was.

Happy Jack - SF Call - Aug 1912

According to the December 26, 1912 Missoulian, the reason Happy Jack didn’t last:

Happy Jack

I think after baseball he may have gone into the pet food industry. [This is wild conjecture on my part.]

He died at age 77, and was buried in Custer Battlefield National Cemetery, Crow Agency, Montana. That seems odd, too. Anyway, Happy Birthday Happy, Jack. Good game.

[Two days in a row. I can’t keep up this breakneck pace for very long.]