Hall of Fame

This Sunday’s paper had two major stories – the 50 game suspension of Twins prospect Eddie Rosario for a second failure on a drug test, and coincidentally, the Hall of Fame election, where people (or at least the Baseball Writers Association of America) are trying to figure out what to do about all the Big Stars from the Steroid Era. Bobby Bonds? Roger Clemens? Mike Piazza? Will any of them get into the Hall?

There was a nice article by La Velle E. Neal III in the Star Tribune last Sunday, looking at this year’s candidates. As no one was elected last year, there’s also a few strong carryover candidates, muddying the waters.

Here’s my ballot for 2014:

1. Greg Maddux *
2. Tom Glavine*
3. Jeff Bagwell
4. Tim Raines
5. Jack Morris
6. Frank Thomas*
7. Larry Walker
8. Lee Smith

It’s the first year on the ballot for Maddux, Glavine and Thomas, 4th year for Bagwell and Walker, 7th year for Raines,  12th for Smith, and 15th for Morris. (fifteen years already for Morris? That seems hard to believe.) I guess I’m holding off on letting the tainted players in. Perhaps the expansion era committee will vote them in, and maybe it would be best to let the players decide if these players are beyond the pale or not.

Jack Morris was a bull. He was a great pitcher for 14 years with the Tigers, had one famous year with the Twins, another great year with Toronto (21-6 at age 37), and then two not so good years at the end,with Toronto and Cleveland. All those years at Detroit, he was a pitcher you did not want to face. And then in ’91, game seven, there was no one you’d rather have on the mound for you.

Jack Morris - 1991 World Series

Good luck, Jack.


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