old war-time baseball up for auction…

We’re not talking WWII, or even WWI.

Or even the Spanish-American War.

We’re talking Civil War.

civil war baseball 1 sm

This ball was in Sherman’s march to Atlanta, in 1864. Written on it is Zouave B.B.C. [which must mean Base Ball Club]. The Zouave units in the Civil War were modeled after the French elite Zouave units, which were first formed in Algeria, from native tribesmen. There were numerous volunteer Zouave units on both sides of the Civil War, and initially at least some of these units practiced light infantry tactics. They often wore eye-catching (and bullet-attracting) uniforms, with baggy red pants, short open jackets, and, at times, fezzes.

Zouave fez

In any case, this old baseball is up for auction. Interested? Details here. It will be interesting to see what this goes for.

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