a rocky start?

Well, how did I miss this news?  I just noticed that Justin Morneau has been signed by Colorado, back in mid-DECEMBER, a two-year deal, $12.5 million.
Justin Morneau - Pittsburgh - 2013

After Mauer moved to first we all saw that Justin wasn’t coming back. And, well, I’ve been busy. Still, you’d think someone would have mentioned it to me in passing? Or that I might have heard it on the radio?

oh, well.

Justin had a decent season last year for the Twins and the Pirates, hitting .259 with 17 HR and 77 rbi. I saw an article that said that pointed out that the Twins have the 12th best ballpark for hitting, while the Pirates have the 24th best. Who has the best ball park for hitting? Colorado.

[Here’s the ballpark stats from 2013.]

So Colorado fans (and I’m sure many Twins fans) are hoping that Justin has a great season in that thin mountain air. Go get ’em, Justin. Wish you were here.

Morneaus Bat


Nice to note that Justin will join Michael Cuddyer out there in Denver, and another new-Rockies-former-Twin, LaTroy Hawkins, who must be about the oldest-living-former-Twin still playing ball. LaTroy came up with the Twins in 1995. Yes. 1995. As a 22-year-old prospect. This year he’ll be 41 when he takes the mound for the Rockies. LaTroy has played for the Twins, Cubs, Blue Jays, Giants, Orioles, Rockies, Yankees, Astros, Brewers, Angels and the Mets. Nineteen years with a 68-90 lifetime record and a 4.37 lifetime ERA. I think his ERA is inflated by his Minnesota years. He seems to be getting better with age. Last year with the Mets he was 3-2, with a 2.93 ERA in 72 games and 70.2 innings. 

LaTroy Hawkins #32 of the MinnesotaTwinsGo get ’em, LaTroy!



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