January 25th, 1904: Magnates Meet


As reported by the Journal, there are still more magnate meetings, in Chicago this time. Magnates love to meet with other Magnates, apparently.

magnate definition

I like that term, “magnate,” and think we should bring it back into more common usage. It smacks of the Gilded Age, and what age is more gilded than our own, may I ask? Gilding would be a step down, I think, from whatever we have now.

Not much business is discussed the first night; it is bitterly cold in Chicago, and the magnates warm themselves with hot drinks, (Ovaltine, perhaps? Well, probably not.) and sharing magnate stories. I wonder if they are gathered around a hot stove? Later they agree to stick to a 154 game schedule, and to the foul strike rule. They make some financial adjustments in the operation of the association, with the association claiming a smaller percentage of the revenues, with any deficit to be made up later if need be. They are also still trying to sign some umpires for the next season, and hope to improve the quality in that regard.

Five of the original association magnates also sign an agreement which solidifies the structure of the association, saying they will stay in the association for the life of their franchises, and will not consolidate with either the eastern or western leagues.

This is the third year in the life of the American association, and for eighteen months there has been a fear of the disruption, which, however, the present action dispels.

I am resting easier, hearing this. I am tired of disruption.

The Barons of American association leave town the next day, probably to take some time off after their strenuous meetings.


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