27 February 1904: Watkins Returns to Our Fair City

27 February 1904, Saturday Evening

WH Watkins cThe Journal reports on the 27th that President Watkins has returned from Magnate meetings in Columbus; he reports that the Magnates at the meeting are generally satisfied with the results of the meeting and the agreement with the Pacific league, and he seems happy to have it settled, even thought the Millers lost two players to the Coast – outfielder Mike Lynch and pitcher Dick Williams.  “We could not have got those men back in any case,” Watkins says, so better to let them go to the Coast league than dicker about it. The Toledo club lost six players to the Pacific league, so they weren’t too happy, but the general sense is that the Magnates wanted to move on and get down to “business.” (There are players salaries that need cutting!)

Watkins further reports that Frosty Thomas and Harvey Bailey have said that they would sign their contracts, and Watkins has also signed two other men, but did not disclose their names at this time. Watkins is a guy who does not dispense information before it is time. Finally, Watkins also stopped in Chicago on the way home and tried to cut a deal for two other players, but was unsuccessful. However, “You can rest assured there will not be a man on the team this year who is not a ball player.”

Watkins will now be in Minneapolis until the March 7th meeting of the American association in Chicago, and then will be back in Minneapolis until spring training begins in Champaign, Ill., March 31st.


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