7 March, 1904: a cautionary note

Monday evening

After the hubris of Friday comes a cautionary note on the 4th page of Monday’s paper. Mondays, after all, are the best days for cautionary notes, just by the nature of Mondays.

This cautionary note is just a little space-filler, near the bottom of the page:

“This is the time of year when the Minneapolis team wins the baseball pennant — in the sporting columns of the newspapers.”

And here’s another little filler, on the same page, in the regularly appearing column called The Nonpareil Man:

“It’s a sure sign of spring when the baseball magnates are running their thumbs along their bats and glaring at one another.”

And spring it is, in Minneapolis, in 1904, with a 40 degree temperature yesterday, the first of the year!

Also on the 7th, more substantive baseball news. President Watkins has returned, and the Association has adopted the schedule which he has devised, “…a distinct triumph for the Minneapolis club.”  Already we are winning, before the first pitch has been thrown!

Watkins, however, is a bit more circumspect, saying the schedule, “seemed the best for everyone in the Association.” It seems like a big concern was not scheduling holiday games for Millers and the Saints at the same time, so Watkins reports that the Minneapolis club will have afternoon games on Memorial Day and Labor Day, and the morning game on the Fourth of July, and the St. Paul Saints have the opposite. “There is always so much firing of explosives on the morning of the Fourth that it is quite likely to rain in the afternoon, so that the arrangement gives Minneapolis a little the better of the deal.” Shrewd move, Watty. The Sunday games are all divided, 11 at home and 11 on the road, except for Indianapolis, where Sunday baseball is apparently prohibited, as their games have been split up a bit differently.

"Cy" Coulter, with Indianapolis in 1902. "...fast on the sacks..."

“Cy” Coulter, with Indianapolis in 1902.
“…fast on the sacks…”

AND, a bit of a surprise, Watkins has signed another outfielder! “Cy” Coulter, who played with Indianapolis last season: “A hard hitter and fast on the sacks, as well as a good man in the gardens.”

This gives the Millers four good outfielders, and it looks like it will be Maloney in right, Sullivan in center, and Coulter in left, with Lally, the slow one of the bunch, filling in.

This certainly gives the Millers one of the fastest outfields in the league, the Journal reporter crows! Just watch our smoke!

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