8 March 1904: End of an Era

Tuesday evening’s paper breaks the news. The George McIntyre era is over. McIntyre, the third baseman, must have thought it curious that he was not mentioned as a third base option in the article on the 5th. Perhaps he saw the writing on the wall. In any event, Watkins has traded him for the crack second-sacker he was looking for, Frank “fast man on the sacks” Bonner, of Evansville. There seems to be some doubt as to whether Bonner wants to come to Minneapolis, and whether he will sign, however. But it’s a pretty sure bet that Watty will get his man.

Joe Koukalik - MJ 3-8-04 b sm

“Slab Artist” from the Minneapolis Journal 8 March 1904

Koukalik is a Comer! says the headline!

I’m heartened to see a little piece on Joe Koukalik in this evening’s paper, with a nice picture. The article doesn’t tell us anything we don’t already know, though. Harley Parker says he has “lots of speed and good control,” and predicts that “Koukalik will make a great slab artist.”

Well, I guess that I didn’t know. A great slab artist! That’s just what we need!


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