Buxton Belts Ball into Bleachers

Perhaps you think I’ve forgotten about baseball circa 2014.

Such is not the case.

Nice to see Mr. Buxton knock one out in spring ball!

I admit, I have fallen behind in my spring notes, however.

Miguel Sano! Has taken the “next step” for a Twins prospect, i.e. Tommy John surgery. No truth to the rumor that the Twins have been shopping around, looking for a good bulk price on a batch of pre-emptive Tommy John surgeries. Seriously, though, that was disappointing. Seriously disappointing.

Twins managed a 1-1 tie today, which is a bit odd. What would be the baseball equivalent of a hockey shoot-out? A home-run hitting contest? Perhaps they should end out the spring ties with that, just for a change. I’ll give the commissioner a call about this tomorrow.

(On a side note, I hate the hockey shoot-out. Give me sudden-death overtime!)

With today’s tie the Twins stand at 5-4-1, roughly 2 and a half games out of first in the race for the Grapefruit League pennant. (Here’s another idea – a one game championship between the winner of the grapefruit league and the winner of the cactus league, the last game of spring training. I’ll talk to the commissioner about that too.)

Pelfry and Deduno each pitched well today; Gibson gave up an unearned run, and Tonkin pitched one inning, struck out two. The Twins only managed seven hits. The Vaunted Parmelee was 0-4, I’m sure he’ not happy about that. Colabello went 0-1, Willingham went 0-3 – he’s hitting .077 this spring. Romero was the only Twin to get two hits today. Deibenson Romero. Not a guy I’m familiar with. He’s hitting .385 this spring, 13 at bats — he hit .266 at Rochester last season, with 10 home runs. Maybe this will be the year he puts it all together?

My Pre-Season picks (currently) for the starting rotation? Pelfry, Hughes, Correia, Nolasco, and… Sudden Sam Deduno.

And now I note that Mr. Buxton has been sent down, along with top pitching prospect Alex Meyer. No surprise. But we have seen a little glimpse of the future this spring, and it is good.

Byron Buxton c sm


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