Sunday Morning Paper Baseball News

Well, not a whole lot in the sports section today on the Twins. Three ties this spring. Jason Bartlett is 0 forMinnesota Twins v Houston Astros spring – but “stinging” the ball. A nice piece on Chris Colabello, The Chris Colabello Story – about his family and about him making adjustments to the big leagues, working a bit more with the inside pitch. He’s hitting .385 this spring, so it seems like, whatever he’s doing, it’s working. Also a look at how Scott Diamond’s doing. He’s battling for the 5th starter position, and was encouraged by his last outing, though he did give up 2 runs in 3.3 innings. Which perhaps says something. 3.3 innings, 3 hits, 3 walks, 2 earned runs, and 6 strike outs. Meanwhile, Sudden Sam Deduno’s ERA this spring is 0.93. It will be interesting to see what happens here; will the Twins lose all these out-of-option guys?

Looking at the Twins website, I see “the Maestro” was sent down. Darin Mastroiani. Which makes sense; he needs to play everyday to get back in the groove. Hicks and Presley are battling for center field spot, and if Hicks isn’t starting he’ll probably be sent down too, they say, for the same reason. Regular playing time, rather than regular bench sitting time. Hicks is hitting .292 this spring, Presley, .179.

Three ties! That is pretty unusual, I guess.


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