decision time…

Well, here we are, the end of spring training and some decisions will need to be made.classic 1970-75 Twins logo

Kubel? Guerrier? Bartlett? Who will make the cut? Who will we lose? Who will be playing center field?

I see in the Sunday morning paper that Gardy says there will be 12 pitchers, one less than last year.

Nolasco, Hughes, Pelfry and Correia are certainly to be our top four slab artists. I’d go with Sudden Sam Deduno for the five-spot. Perkins is closing. That leaves six more spots. I’d keep Fien, Thielbar, Swarzak, Burton, Duensing, and Gibson. I think Diamond might make it through waivers easier than Gibson would, but either might well be claimed, and I’m pretty sure Deduno would be snapped up in an instant.

For the rest of the team:

Catcher: Suzuki, and I’d keep Herrmann as back up, send Pinto down to play every day.
First base: Mauer and Colabello.
Second base: Dozier
Shortstop: Florimon
Third Base: Plouffe
Outfield: Willingham, Hicks, and Arcia
Reserves: Escobar, Presley, and Kubel.

Hicks has had a good spring, and Presley, not so good, so I’d give Hicks the CF job. It would be nice if we had another guy that could play infield and outfield. (Bartlett?) We’re a bit light on the infield reserves, but I don’t see a lot of options there. I think Bartlett needs to play every day for a while, to see how he does.

All in all, not a lot of changes from last year, except in the starting pitching. That alone gives me some reason for optimism. Of course, I am usually overly optimistic about these sorts of things.

Let’s play some ball!


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